First meeting on the First Friday of September!

This is the presentation used for our first meeting, aptly held on the First Friday of September, 2011.

About Catholic Homeschooling

May God guide us all as we strive to be “parents for Eternal Life”!

– Teachermama Tina Rodriguez 😉


Here is the e-mail I sent out to our Google Group (e-mail group), in case you want to read it. It contains a brief summary of what we talked about. 

Hi everyone! 

God’s peace and abundant blessings be upon us all!
This is to officially welcome you to the e-mail group of ROCKERS Philippines. ROCKER stands for Roman Catholics Keeping Education Real. 😉 This will be the group name of the group of Catholics who meet up every First Friday (for now) to talk about homeschooling and everything related to it. 
Please feel free to share your tips, seek support, and generally, talk about homeschooling and parenting as Catholics here 
FYI, I have invited other Catholics whom I think would be interested to be part of the group here as well.  This is so you can link up with each other more easily. (For example, Maricel, please meet Blessie, a fellow Kolbe parent )
Let me know too if you have other suggestions for our group.  In summary, this is what we talked about:
a. A brief look at Catholic homeschooling – Parents for Eternal Life – A presentation by yours truly  (which you can download here:

b. Sharing about homeschooling, curricula, etc.

– Parents shared about using curricula and their concerns:

1. Irene re: Hands on Homeschooling (, Seton ( and Catholic Filipino Academy or CFA (, their routine, encouragement and support

2. Maricel re: Kolbe ( and their routine; concerns about “not doing enough” or “doing too much,” teaching the Sacraments

3.Beng re: TMA, specifically Sing, Spell, Read, Write and preparation time, routines

4. Jen re: Mater Amabilis ( and being more “relaxed’ when it comes to homeschooling; getting materials from the US, CFA Friday clubs

5. Mariel re: Before Five in a Row ( and being “relaxed” with her 4 yr old’s homeschooling

6. Judy re: letting kids be kids and allowing them to learn along the way

7. Christine re: playgroups for toddlers and music and movement classes
*Thanks to everyone else for listening! 

c. Identification of common needs and goals

– Everyone agreed that the group could be a sort of support group for Catholic homeschoolers.

– Preparation for the Sacraments was also discussed and it was decided that research be done on parishes/communities that could help give formation to families re: this. For now, the Medela House will be a sort of “home base” for the group, and the parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel will be contacted re: Sunday School and formation for the kids especially for the Sacraments.

– The group will meet regularly every month, for now, every FIRST FRIDAY, for sharing of experiences, getting support, etc. We will also organize field trips for the families, and other bonding activities. For the next meeting, October 7, yours truly will be contacting My Masterpiece Movement ( giving a session for us (FOR FREE, let’s pray hard! haha!)
*We’d like to thank Jemil for bringing his wooden carvings-cum-kids’ activity center and “rocking chair” – functional art at its best! 🙂
Anyway this is it for now.  I would like to make a Facebook group page for us, but I’m not friends yet with everyone, hehe  If you still want one though, pls. do add me up: Tina Santiago Rodriguez 
Thanks all! Have a blessed weekend! And let’s pray for the complete healing of Mommy Jen, Maricel’s daughter Lia, and our own kids as well, Tim and Rysse 
If you were added as a member of this group, but don’t wish to be here, please do feel free to remove yourself from the group. 😉 However, I believe that the whole group would be BLESSED by your experiences and tips.
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